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A Permablitz is a 'working bee' based on the insights and design of a permaculture designer.

Permablitz Sydney

They are free community events with hands-on permaculture workshops, shared food and an opportunity to get some outdoor exercise while connecting with the environment and like-minded people.

At a Permablitz, a group of people that come together to:

  • Create or enhance an edible garden at the host's home.
  • Share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living.
  • Build community networks.
  • Have fun.

The permablitz network runs on reciprocity, so in order to host and receive a permablitz, you may need to help out on a few first. Prior to a permablitz, a permaculture design is created by one or more designers that hold a Permaculture Design Certificate.

To join or host a Permablitz anywhere in Sydney click on this link


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